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Italian tradition

Back from the most relaxing holidays ever and now back on track…

I snapped up few photos in Italy to post on here of some interesting “marketing stuff” – not sure if I’d call them ideas, innovations or something else, so I guess stuff is pretty general! :0)

First, I noticed that Coca Cola, including all drinks belonging to the big giant, is repositioning itself as an healthier brand in my country – other then noticing the new global ad campaign showing “the real thing”, I’ve seen some other ads enhancing the new diet drinks’ improved recipes to carry a healthier lifestyle!!!

The other cool thing is their new can size – probably to fit more of them in a fridge – they resamble RedBull tins, thin and long, available for all the family’s drinks! (see picture below)

Also, while I was having breakfast the other day, I noticed how a traditional national brand can seriously “take over” …

Mulino Bianco, which belongs to Barilla, is probably the brand I miss the most living in England! They produce the best ever biscuits, cakes and brioches in the world…EVER, it’s a fact!

I noticed how the breakfast table was absolutely filled with at least 10 M.B. branded products and with some nostalgia I had to blog about it

It must be pretty hard to enter this market in Italy as M.B. probably has the highest Market share ever…and well deserved I think!

Last, another interesting idea I noticed at the restaurant Rosso Pomodoro, it is now a global chain (they just opened another one in covent garden by the ivy) and it is probably the proudest Naepolitan symbol in London eh eh!

While having ‘the last supper’ with dad and sister, she ordered this tuna salad which interestingly arrived with an overly packaged tuna pot!

Selling their own products is of course not an issue for them and definitely with a clever idea to promote them, they’ll go a long way…my sister bought few tuna pots!!!!




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