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A Killer on Twitter


So, a couple of days ago this spooky account popped up from nowhere on Twitter claiming to be a real killer living in Brighton.

I don’t even know where to start on how bad this stunt is, but I will give it a go focusing mainly on two points:

First of all, if this is really a stunt and it’s a UK based campaign – the legal consequences might be pretty bad. In our country, such activity is now illegal. Misleading the consumer by not admitting from the start that this is an advertising/marketing campaign is a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Regulations, which went live in 2008. Read more here, the point to refer to is nr. 22 in Schedule 1, relating to the practices which are automatically unfair:

22.  Falsely claiming or creating the impression that the trader is not acting for purposes relating to his trade, business, craft or profession, or falsely representing oneself as a consumer.

 I was one of the many who was extremely angry at this as I’ve always considered ‘teasing campaigns’ the peek of creative outbursts in the advertising world. 

Secondly, the copy used by the Twitter user is extremely well written, which kinda gives everything away!

There must be a very good copywriter behind it who just could not wait to create a useless social media campaign and put his/her hands on Twitter for a ‘cool’ viral campaign.

I am very much looking forward to see where this is gonna go. I apologize if this is a wrong assumption but there are way too many elements that just don’t fit…  However, it might well be a real killer who is just having a bit of fun?

What do you think?

E. (ThisIsEnzo)


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Teasing Campaign on METRO


Hi guys

First of all – so sorry for not being around but recently work has completely taken over – and with Twitter booming, blogging has taken a natural progression into a less important daily online activity … oh well!

This morning I was very much intrigued by this curious teasing campaign on the METRO as I couldn’t work out what it was for

I tweeted about it and emailed colleagues but not many interesting responses… yup indeed, you all suck! :O)

Because of design and typography, the first thing I instantly thought about was DEXTER, whose Second Series is actually coming out on DVD soon

However, Jamie’s hypothesis might be right as she thinks it’s for the NIKE Men vs Women Challenge. (which would be awesome)

Thinking about it and ‘attentively analyzing details’ it might well be the right answer.

The copy for each one of the ads were fitting perfectly into the paper’s news categories. For example ‘After that weekend I knew I’d ind you here‘ was placed in the Health section and ‘You are a Man’ in Sport.  However what I find pretty disturbing, if this is the actual case, on the page covering Natasha Richardson’s funeral, they ask if we’re ‘ jealous of their success‘ ?!?!

Mmmmm not really sure how to take this one on…

I am probably analyzing it too much but it’s an interesting one and I am starting wondering if tomorrow there will be something related to Women

That’d be well revealing!

Keep your eyes open peeps



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