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Bacardi BLive La Fiesta

Got on the train to work and already tired…wow eh eh

Damn Bacardi LOL
La Fiesta was probably the best party organized by a brand I’ve ever been to

They had all the right elements to make it a great event:

  • great club makeover with the Cuban theme
  • free Bacardi drinks for the first hours to get people going and taste the real flavour…
  • really nice crowd and
  • awesome music

There were three or four rooms, all with completely different music, from dance to house to Latin, the latter being AMAZING!

We didn’t leave till 1230ish, reason being Groove Armada got on stage at 1130, surprisingly on time as planned and… Oh boy, weren’t they unbelievable?
They totally rocked the house… People were on fire!

Me Roby Jen Jossy and James had and absolute wicked time and looking forward to hopefully the next one!

Thanks Bacardi…
Now my affinity to your brand is definitely much higher and will be looking out for you more


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