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I am very impressed by this new platform which is set to become the ultimate shopping experience everyone has ever dreamed of… MyMall is still in BETA and their future plans sound absolutely great.

When entering this virtual shopping center, you are asked to pick a floor and you quickly find yourself in a very realistic virtual space where navigation is easy and the number of brands is literally endless

At the moment you can only click on each store and retrieve their details, together with a link to the official website.

As stated in their vision, they are about to launch 20 different shopping centres and a social networking element to connect people loving the same brand, ask for fashion and financial advice, sharing best deals, start their own membership club and a unique VOIP service to screen free call to brands’ managers throughout each shopping centre.

Also, imagine how amazing it would be to step into the Mall and be able to customize my corridor with my favourite brands and be able to browse new collections or new portable devices without leaving my sofa!

The whole experience sound simply brilliant, however there are still few cons which need more thinking:

  • Are people still going to shop for clothes without being able to try them on?
  • How’s the return policy going to work?
  • Are the actual brands going to hire extra-staff to support these innovative POS

I am impatiently looking forward to the full experience…!


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Burger King Studio

2008 has definitely been a very busy year for Burger King.

From the great PR stunt of a premium £85 burger and the controversial Whopper Virgins to the new BK Meat Fragrance launched last week, conversations around the brand have been hitting the roof.

Burger King Studio was launched in October this year but the buzz around this initiative didn’t cross the Atlantic until this week when many conversations were noticed within the European blogosphere

The idea is pretty interesting and it shows how much the brand is more and more willing to experiment new things. As we’ve seen with NikeID Italia, the Ford Fiesta campaign ‘This is Now’, and Profero’s WU Mobo Awards Contest, connecting to a young audience, new talents and the online community seems to be a big trend these days and for Burger King this appears to be only the beginning…

On the website you will notice there have been already three events in partnership with new creative talents and more are planned to be happening in the next few months at the now busy BK studio in Chicago.

The first event attracted 600 people, all rushing to get hold of the limited edition t-shirts from the artists involved in the project – all silk-screened at the venue on the night – pretty impressive!

The surprise is right here – A week after the event, the Studio launched an online platform where users could create their one-of-a-kind t-shirt using each single creative asset developed by the artists. You can start getting creative right here and receive your unique t-shirt for $28 without getting into any trouble with silk-screening it yourself (Unfortunately at the moment they only ship in the US)

Getting the online community involved trough customization is definitely a good step from Burger King and we are rather looking forward to see what’s next in their sleeves


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