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Twitter Translator

Picture 2

If you are wondering what the ‘Translator’ icon means on my Twitter page – well I’m doing what it says on the tin! :O)

I’m officially helping Twitter being translated into Italian.

The platform has today announced that the site is now available in Spanish thanks to the Latin community.

This is going to be a major boost for the Twitter expansion over different territories, especially Latin America, Mexico and Spain. I’m therefore expecting to see a major growth in the next few months … watch out!

If you want to help Twitter being translated in your own language – give the peeps a hand!



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Dell Mini

I did a post last month about the new campaign by Dare for Vodafone – Find Live Guy – and was mentioning what a great idea it was to send a guy off around the country ‘a-la’  Find Wolly to give away new Dell MINIs to promote the partnership by Vodafone with these little new toy


Well…I can now say I am the proud owner of one 


I just could not resist, I have an iPhone where I could potentially do everything, blog on the go, tweet wherever I am, but still – a mini laptop makes such a big difference

Coverage is simply fantastic and i am well surprised by how fast it’s actually loading pages, downloading stuff and switching from 3G to GPRS in a second on its own …

I am pretty sure I’m going to be a very happy bunny with it 

Saaaaad i know eheh but this is another great way to be connected 24/7 –  even when travelling, on my way to work, at the airport etc… 


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New York City


Hey guys

As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of blogging activity for the past few days…

The reason is I am in New York City at the moment enjoying a nice and well deserved break.

I will be writing a blog post probably later on tonight as I’ve noticed few interesting things around which I’d like to talk about sooooooo……watch this space, I’ll be back soon

In the meantime, enjoy some nice photos from the cold Big Apple:




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JC de Castelbajac – LEGO fashion Show

JC De Castelbajac has always been at the forefront of Innovation within the French Fashion Industry because of his crazy personality and adventurous creativity

His last venture… a fashion show done completely with LEGO

Enjoy the show!

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The Fighting Fish

So… Andrea bravely decided to take a fighting fish on board in the house

You’d wonder what a fighting fish is … well, look at the picture below and make your own judgement – to me it looks like a freaky little creature who resamble some kind of Hirst art piece.. he doesn’t frigging move!!! LOL


We are not too sure how to call him, so it’s your call now…

Comment under this post choosing one of the names here or feel free to propose a better one:

1) Renato

2) Rambo

3) Vladimir

4) Rocco

Wht’s his name? You decide!!!


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