Social Monday – 03.10

10 Oct


Facebook have revamped the Page Insights analytics tool and added new metrics, the first one being ‘People Talking About’ which will rate Page content based on users’ activity so anyone can see how compelling it actually is. The other metrics designed for Page administrators include ‘Likes’, ‘Friends of Fans’ and ‘Weekly Total Reach’. 

Facebook is also introducing a new type of ad unit that will expand when a friend likes the advertised page. The new unit won’t appear in the home page (unlike Sponsored Stories) and will contain a branded message, expanding to allow comments and see what others have said related to the ad. Page owners will be able to use page posts as ads in order to reach fans and non fans with the new expanded format and have the option to integrate video. The idea behind the new product is that ads with friend recommendations are likely to  be more effective and amplify the reach compared to standard Facebook ads. 





Dulux have partnered with UNICEF to name each one of the 16.7 million colours found on a regular digital display and raise funds for the children’s charity.  You can pick a colour on the site’s home page then name it and say why you picked it (then make a donation of £1 or above). A handy guide tells you which are the trending colours and what different palettes and shades can represent. We like the creativity and how it involves users beyond the monetary donation. Have you found your colour?

Own a colour


Disney introduced their AppMATes Mobile Application Toys, a new toy line that comes to life digitally when used with an Apple iPad as a virtual play mat. The toy line features miniature ‘Cars 2’ vehicles with sensors on the base of each toy that are recognised by the app – no cable or Bluetooth connection required. Simply download the free Cars 2 Appmates app, place the toy characters on the screen and play. This industry first is tapping into a growing trend among families where tablets have become the device of choice to play with younger children – according to the latest IAB research, playing games on tablets is seen as spending time with the family and tend to be played 3 times a week or more.


CHARITY SWEARBOX This online initiative works like an old school swearbox, looking through your own Twitter timeline to find naughty swear words and adding them up to a suggested donation amount. The project started in the U.S. and has been spreading through Twitter over the last few days, giving users the chance to suggest their favourite charities.





 SAS, the Scandinavian airline, has put a spin on branded apps with the release of their Time Killer App. The application is actually aimed at competitor airline customers since SAS is famed for being one of the most punctual airlines, so if you’re stranded at a random airport waiting for a delayed flight you can kill time by playing games like Spin the Hamster, Follow the Footsteps, Hold that Thought and Blow the Propeller – or book a flight with SAS and be on time in future. See what they’ve done here? Clever.  

As featured on the carat blog thanks to georgina



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