Social Monday – 26.09

26 Sep

Twitter launches advertising in the UK with Glee on Sky

After announcing their UK expansion, Twitter have finally launched their geo-targeted advertising solutions.The Promoted Products include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts now available for the UK market. The SKY campaign was the first of its kind in the UK and featured as a Promoted Trend through the hashtag #gleeonsky to promote the programme’s premiere on the channel. Promoted Trends appear at the top of the Trending Topics’ list on Twitter as a one day takeover and are already popular subjects on the microblogging site. The advertising solution leverages the popularity of a topic to reach an already engaged audience. Twitter have also partnered with BT, EA, Eurostar and Paramount Pictures UK to work on the new geo-targeted Promoted Products. We’re looking forward to seeing some case studies in the next few months.


Hertz and Google street view come together


Harnessing Hertz’s core business to power Google Streetview could be one of the most efficient social ideas yet. The concept involves two major businesses like Google and Hertz working together in crowd sourcing some of the images needed to create street view maps by tapping into the car rental customers and rewarding those who are selected by Google to be part of the service. What could be a great cost cutting exercise and a boost to Hertz’s position in the market is however just a concept from two ad students at the ever creative Miami Ad School. Could this be a game changing business partnership?


KLM and the human tweet replies

We’ve already seen the Dutch airline embrace customer service to the extreme via social media when they hosted an in-flight party that started from a customer’s tweet. Their latest campaign to support the ongoing commitment to customers via social channels definitely proves that the business is investing a lot in the channel. Throughout an entire day last week, KLM replied to their customers who got in touch via Facebook and Twitter with something rather unique – a tweet made of 140 employees holding letters in the air to create the actual response live on camera.

Certainly an eccentric idea but we can’t blame them for being too committed to a personalised social experience! Watch the video above to understand how it worked.


Innocent Drinks – Tweet And Eat

We love it when commercial brands tap into ‘the power of the crowd’. This crowd saving promotion from Innocent encourages Facebook and Twitter fans to tweet and spread the word about their ‘Tweet to Eat’ promotion in order to lower the price of their Veggie Pots product. The more user tweet using the hashtag #tweeandeat, the bigger the discount. The promotion will run for a limited time to ensure consumers engage with it in the short term and for the brand to understand the real benefits of running such promotion. As an alternative, Innocent is also offering a discount voucher to download and redeem in store; a quick win to incentivise consumers to visit the supermarket right away. Who said promotions are boring?


Beauty brand Clarins steps into social gaming

After running a farm and building a city, we’re not surprised you can now run your own spa on Facebook. Clarins, the high-end French beauty brand, has launched a Facebook game in an attempt to align themselves with their core target audience. With the average social gamer in the US being a 43 year old woman, we’re not surprised Clarins has stepped into this channel. Spa Life has a similar feel to Second Life and FarmVille; users are asked to create their own avatars in a virtual world and are faced with the challenge of running a spa. Although they are considering attaching game points to Clarins products to encourage sales among those who become truly hooked to the game, with a very small level of branded content, Clarins CEO says that the main objective for the activity is to increase engagement rates between the brand and their core demographic who are already on Facebook. The game was released less than 5 days ago and more than 100,000 people have already installed the app on Facebook. Next time, don’t be surprised if you see more brands with a traditionally older demographic entering new spaces like social gaming.



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