Social Monday – 12.09

20 Sep

Heinz Chilli Ketchup

Heinz introducing a clever advocacy program on Facebook

Heinz were the first FMCG brand to sell products on Facebook to support their balsamic vinegarvariety, and once again they have tapped into social media for a product launch. The new chilli flavoured ketchup campaign uses a loyalty scheme whereby Facebook fans get a discount coupon only available on the brand page. What’s really clever is that the discount doubles when users share it with their friends. Interestingly, the coupons can only be found on their Facebook page and not via email newsletters or other media. Successful Facebook initiatives are often about rewarding existing fans and providing exclusive and valuable content – with this activity Heinz does both. 

 Oscar de la Renta live show

Oscar De La Renta and the NYFW Tumblr project

For the fashion hungry audience around the globe, September is definitely the month they’ve all been waiting for as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicked off in New York on Thursday last week. For the past few years we’ve seen an incredible amount of innovative projects rocking the runway, from YouTube streams to 3D shows. This year, American fashion designer Oscar De La Renta has decided to go for a much simpler project by leveraging the ongoing trend of live photography during the event and tapping into Tumblr as a platform to showcase his new collection. Tomorrow, Tuesday 13th September, online users will not only be able to watch the show live from the Tumblr page but they’ll receive an exclusive look into the runway from the people at the event as the fashion house is asking guests, during and after the show, to tag their LIVE photos with the hashtag #ODLRlive. The photos will automatically populate the backdrop of the Tumblr page as the live stream happens, giving users the chance to create a really unique record of the event like no brand has ever done before at Fashion Week. Hats off to the fashion house for giving live streaming a new  twist. 

 Twitter search

The four tiers of Twitter users 

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finally released last week some substantial numbers on the usage of the social networking site. They’ve hit 100 million active users per month globally with more than 400 million visits on a monthly basis. With 60% of these registered users actively tweeting at least once a month and generating 230 million tweets a day (up 110% from the beginning of the year), the remaining 40% log in and browse the platform to gain real-time and more personal views on sports, celebrities, and news in general. Stats say 55% are browsing or tweeting via their smartphones. Liz Gannes from All Things Digital has tried, within this article, to group Twitter users into four tiers. She’s tagging the 60 million active users THE TWITTERERS and the 40 million registered readers THE VOYEURS. There’ About 300 million users who are visiting Twitter every month who read tweets but aren’t registered are categorised by Liz as THE READERS. The last tier is THE UNCOUNTED MASSES which includes people using and accessing tweets via third party applications. In comparison to the very weak numbers we’ve seen from Twitter before (registered users) we’d say that this is definitely an improvement and we’re now looking forward to seeing more detailed breakdown by market soon (hint, hint new UK team!)

Sims Social Facebook

Forget about Farmville – it’s all about the Sims now

Just when our tomatoes and chickens were growing nicely, the Sims arrived on Facebook and ousted Farmville within a month of its launch. The life-simulation game which has sold over 140 million copies in 10 years has been the fastest growing application on Facebook for more than a week, according to Venture Beat, and rose up to 36 million monthly active users in its first month. But it’s not only about messing about with your Facebook friends in a virtual world. Brands are tapping into the human side of the game too. Dunkin’ Donuts will be featured in the game so players will be able tooffer coffee and food to their Sim friends as well as collect Facebook gifts. They won’t be the only brands as the Sims Social will be the first game to feature multiple brands. With such potential to integrate everyday brands into the almost real-life game (anyone remember Second Life?) it’ll be interesting to see who really innovates in this space instead of just replicating offline ideas.

LEGO CUUSOO crowdsourcing

Lego rewards creativity via a crowdsourcing platform in Japan

LEGO’s launched an exciting new website in Japan where users are rewarded for their creativity when coming up with brilliant new product ideas. If you have an idea that you want to put forward to LEGO you can upload it to the website by submitting an actual model. Once the idea is live on the site, you need to receive the support of 10,000 people for the proposal to be reviewed by the LEGO product marketing team. If the product is reviewed successfully, LEGO will produce a limited edition set with 1% of each sale going back to the user who came up with the idea. The SHINKAI 6500 in the image above is the first ever LEGO product being released in Japan on the back of this brilliant initiative, with only 5,000 sets available to be purchased. 

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