02 Sep

The most ‘liked’ showroom

This is not an actual campaign but a student project from Jeena Van Der and John Vonk, a creative duo from Amsterdam who are quickly making their way on up in the creative industry. These guys have come up with a great concept to showcase the IKEA portfolio in a very different way through the power of Facebook. By simply adding the Like button on the IKEA e-commerce platform, the website will showcase different rooms within a house and dynamically change furniture and accessories in each room based on the likes received on the site. What’s clever about the concept is the crowd-saving element added to the experience where the more products are liked the cheaper they get. Imagine a similar concept being applied to any of our automotive clients within a showroom or any of our fashion clients on a live runway…


Find your originals with Orangina


To celebrate Orangina’s 75th birthday, the brand has created a Facebook application that can show you who your first “original” friends were. The idea is to align the theme of originals with Orangina, which has the tag line “Original by Nature”. Recently, Facebook has been focusing on the theme of nostalgia quite a lot – showing you status updates from years past, old comments from friends and events you once attended. To carry on the theme, Orangina’s app will show you a list of 10 friends who you connected with the most during your first months. It’s a very simple and tactical idea but something that we’re sure people will pick up, engage with and share, driving millions of conversations.

Samsung taps into YouTube talent


If you’ve never heard of Beener Kee Kee, you definitely should (! He’s an average guy who started recording videos of himself lip-syncing in his room to famous hits on YouTube and became a true online celebrity overnight. Since launching his first video, Beener has received millions of views to his channel and more and more celebrities – from Katy Perry to 50Cent and Guetta – are partnering with the little guy to create bespoke content and promote their tracks. As a consequence, it’s not surprising to see brands like Samsung starting to tap into YouTube personalities like Beener to front face an entire digital campaign. With the SmartTV aimed at an early adopter audiencewith a pretty high penetration in social channels, we believe Beener was definitely the right choice for Samsung and we really hope to see many brands doing similar things in the long run.

You can now watch YouTube with friends


Possibly the most interesting recent Google+ feature is a new button on YouTube that lets you start a hang out with friends around a video you’re watching. There’s a wee icon in the ‘share’ panel that suggests watching the video with friends in a Google+ hangout. It’s a nice touch and is laying the foundations for some serious social viewing behaviour, especially for when LIVE streams are happening within YouTube (think Royal Wedding). We reckon this will really explode when all your friends watch YouTube on their telly – and comment with a device in their hands/on their laps. Obviously this kind of thing will be most exciting with live TV but it’s one to watch (literally). And imagine the potential of this when YouTube snatches some of the big sporting rights!

Budweiser makes history on Facebook


The beer brand celebrates their sponsorship of the FA Cup this week by screening the first ever live football match on Facebook. It’s not exactly high profile – a qualifying clash between minnows Ascot United (their first time in the tournament) and Wembley FC – but it’s fun and good exposure for the clubs. The initiative will vastly increase viewers for the game (Budweiser are expecting about 100,000 viewers for a match at a stadium whose capacity is a mere 1,150) and if the broadcasting of small games is to catch on, it probably has a better chance on Facebook than local news sites or indeed local TV (if it ever arrives!) Budweiser have been able to exploit this opportunity because the existing broadcast deal in the UK with ITV does not come into effect until the first proper round of the competition in October. The screening will work via an application which will presumably feature Facebook’s live comment stream widget which was used so effectively for events like the Obama inauguration. Expect to see more and more live streaming of exclusive events on Facebook – it’s a great way for brands to get in on the action as well as more traditional content shops.

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