Predict-A-Chick by Orange

13 Apr

This is quite a nice Easter campaign from the guys at Orange, which I’m assuming it’s been produced by my talented friends at POKE. 

To use their words, Predict-A-Chick is a super-sceintific egg experiment!

All this week, a live camera will watch over seventeen about-to-hatch eggs on loan
to Orange from 

Stepney City Farm in East London. 

Users are asked to submit their guesses about which eggs will hatch first and last, which will yield the loudest tweeter, and which chick will be the heaviest. With one correct guess, you’ll earn the chance to win an Easter hamper. Be the person to get the most guesses right overall, and you’ll win dinner for two at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck in Bray.’ 

I just logged in and saw a chick popping out – that was weird!

Thumbs up to Poke for this


Make sure you follow the Orange Feed to keep an eye on all their crazy internet adventures 

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