A ‘Splendid’ Start

01 Mar

So it’s March 1st and I couldn’t ask for a more splendid start to the year. As the majority of you know by now, I decided to leave Profero last December to take a break and look for a new, more challenging adventure.

After a few weeks spent in suit jackets and brogues, I had some very brilliant interviews and got myself a job at PR-extraordinaires ‘Splendid Communications’ as Creative Strategist.

Today it was my first day and I’m terribly excited to be working with such a great bunch of talented people. Splendid is already helping some brilliant clients like Smirnoff, Guinness, Jose Cuervo, Marmite and Kickers creating superb ‘stories’ on and offline – hopefully with my help now, we’ll be scooping even more thirlling pieces of work!

This post also comes handy to remind all of you that everything written on this blog is solely my opinion and not of my employers! Just thought I’d point that out once again…

So, watch out for some ‘splendid’ work chaps and wish me luck!

Enzo ;O)

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One response to “A ‘Splendid’ Start

  1. Rax

    April 27, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Hi Enzo

    All the best with the new position. Splendid is such a great place (I was digital Director there for two years) – and everybody is really positive and talented.

    Not only will you be working with some amazing clients, but you’ll also get to work with some genuine creative geniuses (Andy B for example and Chris P).

    I’m coming to the Cuervo gig on Wednesday and will be out for KP’s drinks on Friday, so see you soon!

    By the way, you’ve written ‘Splendid Cokmmunications’ – is that a Freudian slip?! If not, then boy, that’s creative!

    You’re gonna love it there.

    Rax 😉


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