Revolution Awards should go to …

29 Jan

I am not going to judge every single category if not I’d stay here all night – but also because I don’t feel I have the right experience to judge them all. I am simply going to highlight some of the works that I think has been outstanding during last year which, in my honest opinion, deserve the gong.

Let’s give it a go.

  • The Automotive category has some rather strange entries. Amongst them, there’s none I’d consider particularly award-winning , however I was definitely not surprised to see the BMW Z4 campaign to be there (as they probably spent £ 1.billion on it and I have no idea why…) and also the Fiat 500 Spotify partnership. If we want to be fair, we could potentially say that using Spotify in an online media campaign was rather sweet but I wish they thought about a more carefully integrated approach.
  • Within the ‘Consumer Electronics‘ category, LMFM’s The Last Call campaign for Sony Mobile definitely wins above the rest. Rather experiential and buzz-worthy, if they get the gong it’d be a well deserved one. Please do not award the ‘Hopper Invasion’ campaign … dull dull dull !
  • Not much to say about the ‘Financial Services‘ category as the only one who could ever win is the Barclaycard Waterslide by Dare. There…
  • FMCG might be a difficult one to judge – some nice campaigns in there but I think the award should go either to the chaps at Initials Marketing for  the genius Doritos iD3 campaign or to my friends at Iris for the ‘Face of Kinder’ crowdsourcing project. (I’ve actually noticed the Kinder campaign in many European countries, which makes me believe the campaign worked pretty nicely)
  • I am going to be slightly bias on this one as it’s one of the latest campaigns I’ve worked on during my time at Profero. The award for the Pharmaceutical category should definitely go to In-Bed (Bayer) as I truly believe that through this project we clearly defined what ‘innovation thinking’ could mean for the pharma clients out there. Go Profero Team!
  • In the Leisure/Travel category there can only be ONE winner and this has to be Agency Republic for Killzone 2 Webgame. The campaign (and the web-tool-browser-plugin-or-however-you-wanna-call-it) definitely set a benchmark for innovation in online gaming. Well done chaps…
  • For the NonProfit category I think Agency Republic  could scoop the gong for the  SmokeFree Generation campaign. Hope they do.
  • Orange should definitely bring home the trophy for the RockCorps campaign in theTechnology & Telecoms category. The whole concept is simply genius – I just hope they are going to keep up with the good work and come up with some cool creative idea to make it even more appealing to the younger audience.


I will follow up with the ‘Best in Discipline’ tomorrow…


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