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Magntize: Make Yourself An Awesome v-Card

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I’ve got to give some credit to these guys who have developed this fantastic new tool to create virtual business cards.

More than a business card you are actually given the chance to create a very personal landing page, including short bio, links to all your personal social spaces (automatically creating a stream from all your content as well) and a tool to allow people downloading your v-card.

It’s not a groundbreaking idea as there’s other people who have done this before like or dooid, however the design and implementation on the site are just out of this world…fantastic design, awesome templates and a flawless structure!

Also, if you didn’t get it, you get to have all this for FREE. However, if you’re willing to pay the $9 a month for premium membership, you can also get:

  • a custom domain
  • access to some cool premium themes (which you can preview)
  • CV upload/download functionality
  • an iPhone version of the site
  • a personal RSS feed
  • an email address people can reach you on – transferring content to your real one!

I can definitely see the benefit of having such an awesome looking v-card, especially for the ones who have no web-design skills whatsoever… and I can already imagine a lot of friends and colleagues who would find this tool extremely useful.

You can see mine here :

Well done chaps!



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