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Lastminute iPhone App – Topsee

Last night I was rather pleased to attend an event organised by the peeps at Lastminute Labs to promote their latest iPhone application, TopSee.

The TopSee app allows you to experience London in a unique different way. It’s been populated by bloggers who mostly spend their own life exploring the hidden gems of the city. There are indeed a lot of apps out there that already provide you with the same functionalities, however the unique selling point for this app is that they are not recommending a specific venue (ie. the best bar in Soho) but a unique element (ie. the best mojito to have in London).

As you can see from the video-demo below, the interface has been beautifully designed. As soon as you open the app, you get geo-located, and through an awesome photo-feed you’ll be able to browse all ‘the top things’ for you to enjoy.

Once you find something interesting you want to experience, you can tweet it and post it to Facebook automatically from the app. The only thing that I’d make more clear within the interface is the ‘shaking’ functionality. I downloaded the app without watching the video below, and I got stuck on the first page without knowing that I’d have to shake the iPhone to get more suggestions. I wonder how many people are going to download the app like me without watching the video and simply through WOM… so definitely something I would add!

You can follow the TopSee team on Twitter, through their blog and download the app below.



Overall, a great application chaps!


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University Calling – Gen Y get it right?

Hola peeps

Yesterday I stumbled across this video which has received nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

It’s been put together by 172 communication students from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in around 2/3 hours with no idea they’d receive such international coverage.

What really strikes me is the fact that the majority of people will think that in terms of content, the video is not really a very original idea as it’s been done before many many times (as I did). However, if you carefully think about it, no university has ever done something like this before, as the majority of them usually tend to spend a large amount of cash to reach international students.

Behind this video there is obviously a bunch of ‘Generation Y-ers’ who will have spread the word with all their friends, reaching a huge number of young people.

As a result, I’d bet my loyal dog that a lot of kids would remember this university, not only because it definitely looks like a fun place but the campus looks rather nice too!

What do you think?

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A Killer on Twitter


So, a couple of days ago this spooky account popped up from nowhere on Twitter claiming to be a real killer living in Brighton.

I don’t even know where to start on how bad this stunt is, but I will give it a go focusing mainly on two points:

First of all, if this is really a stunt and it’s a UK based campaign – the legal consequences might be pretty bad. In our country, such activity is now illegal. Misleading the consumer by not admitting from the start that this is an advertising/marketing campaign is a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Regulations, which went live in 2008. Read more here, the point to refer to is nr. 22 in Schedule 1, relating to the practices which are automatically unfair:

22.  Falsely claiming or creating the impression that the trader is not acting for purposes relating to his trade, business, craft or profession, or falsely representing oneself as a consumer.

 I was one of the many who was extremely angry at this as I’ve always considered ‘teasing campaigns’ the peek of creative outbursts in the advertising world. 

Secondly, the copy used by the Twitter user is extremely well written, which kinda gives everything away!

There must be a very good copywriter behind it who just could not wait to create a useless social media campaign and put his/her hands on Twitter for a ‘cool’ viral campaign.

I am very much looking forward to see where this is gonna go. I apologize if this is a wrong assumption but there are way too many elements that just don’t fit…  However, it might well be a real killer who is just having a bit of fun?

What do you think?

E. (ThisIsEnzo)


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Magntize: Make Yourself An Awesome v-Card

Picture 29


I’ve got to give some credit to these guys who have developed this fantastic new tool to create virtual business cards.

More than a business card you are actually given the chance to create a very personal landing page, including short bio, links to all your personal social spaces (automatically creating a stream from all your content as well) and a tool to allow people downloading your v-card.

It’s not a groundbreaking idea as there’s other people who have done this before like or dooid, however the design and implementation on the site are just out of this world…fantastic design, awesome templates and a flawless structure!

Also, if you didn’t get it, you get to have all this for FREE. However, if you’re willing to pay the $9 a month for premium membership, you can also get:

  • a custom domain
  • access to some cool premium themes (which you can preview)
  • CV upload/download functionality
  • an iPhone version of the site
  • a personal RSS feed
  • an email address people can reach you on – transferring content to your real one!

I can definitely see the benefit of having such an awesome looking v-card, especially for the ones who have no web-design skills whatsoever… and I can already imagine a lot of friends and colleagues who would find this tool extremely useful.

You can see mine here :

Well done chaps!



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Twitter Translator

Picture 2

If you are wondering what the ‘Translator’ icon means on my Twitter page – well I’m doing what it says on the tin! :O)

I’m officially helping Twitter being translated into Italian.

The platform has today announced that the site is now available in Spanish thanks to the Latin community.

This is going to be a major boost for the Twitter expansion over different territories, especially Latin America, Mexico and Spain. I’m therefore expecting to see a major growth in the next few months … watch out!

If you want to help Twitter being translated in your own language – give the peeps a hand!



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