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Chinese Rumbles


Disclosure: Nothing to do with creativity or innovation eh eh

I was honestly not expecting to face such realities in this trip

I was not expecting China to be such an incredible and inspirational place but at the same time a place that could emotionally sign me forever through some of the worst morally challenging situations ever experienced in my life

China’s always been considered by my senses like the place where emerging trends get started, where technology is leading people’s lives day in-day out, where life is taken day by day with a pinch of superiority respect to any other citizen of the world.   The typical ‘We have it all, we are ten years ahead of you’ mentality was still pretty strong in my head when I got to Hong Kong – but I quickly realized that it’s solely a masquerade to hide it all when I got to places like Nenchang

I’ve always been aware of a dark side, where poverty was pretty high – but I honestly thought it would have been much better then I could have ever imagined.

I now know what ‘feeling lucky’ means … seriously!

Overall China is an amazing place; if you are looking for something, they have it around the corner for you and if you really want to see where marketing was born go and have a look at the Haizu Market… It’s an eye-opening experience!

As a friend once told me, in a way or another, China cannot leave you unaffected and you will either love it or hate it.   We’ll see how I feel at the end of this trip…
So far I’ve learnt that…:

  • Chinese cannot drive, FACT – Fasten your seat-belt because if you have never had an heart attack in your life, you’re risking it all down here!
  • The majority of countries are recognised by the initial. For example England is called ‘E Guang Ghou’ or something like that, which means ‘the country starting with an E’ – same with France, Germany etc… with the exception of Itali’ah!  We must be special somehow…!
  • Some kids don’t wear nappies but they simply have holes in their trousers. Odd, I know, but somehow it tells me kids get smart pretty quickly down here as they manage to warn mum when they are about to release on time :o)
  • When you offer someone a lighter, they tap the side of your hand twice to thank you – this is to be thankful immediately while they inhale the smoke
  • TAXI’s are probably the cheapest thing in the world here. What would cost £30 in London here it’s not even £2
  • They must have the best customer service in the world BUT they can become extremely meticulous at times, resulting in a very slow response
  • China knows very well how to hide poverty. The majority of cities, with Guangzhou being the perfect example, have high buildings on each high-street keeping out of the sight the degrade
  • They never stop building! I must have counted at least 15 new building developments on my street. Population and business’ growth is so high here that in a way or another they’ve got to keep up hey ?!
  • If I wanted to get married, it could easily happen tomorrow ;O) Apologies for the modesty but I received three marriage proposals in one day!!! This is not because I am stunning but simply because as soon as girls get to see a western man …they go wild! Eh eh

I will add more soon

Zàijiàn 再见

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