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I am delighted to announce the launch of the new MINI iPhone application, OPENNESS

The app is part of the latest digital MINI activity to promote the new MINI convertible, Stay Open, and  something completely different from the run-of-the-mill motoring iPhone applications available within the iTunes Store.

Drivers of convertibles are more open to new experiences so the MINI Openness mobile application encourages users to explore the unexplored and try new things. By downloading the application, users will have access to an off-beat guide to the UK’s major cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh and over 400 unusual and spontaneous experiences: from getting a Brazilian to attending a Mexican wrestling match with fetish cabaret, joining a literary salon to jumping on a coach to an unknown destination.

Here are a few quick words on what the application does:

  • When launching the app on your iPhone, based on the level of open-mindedness you choose, the app will provide you with the most adventurous things to do, either closer to where you are or in a specific location (the app supports two geo-options: ‘Find My Location’ and ‘Insert Location’)
  • The application also has a built-in Google Maps API, where you can find the venue or the exact location for each single ‘open-minded’ experience
  • If the experience chosen doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can choose amongst many others, simply clicking on NEXT.
  • Also, if you are not really sure on how adventurous you feel, a simple shake of the iPhone will provide you with a random experience.


The wider digital campaign, Stay Open, is supported by online banner activity, also centred on openness and spontaneity.

You can download OPENNESS simply clicking here!

Let me know what you think!


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London 2012 – Olympic Park Bloggers’ Tour

Picture 27

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to be invited to the London 2012 Olympic Park Bloggers’ Tour.

To say the least, it was an incredible experience!

The Olympic Park is set to be one of the most amazing places London has ever had and, especially during this growing and worrying economic downturn, definitely a key area for the future of this city.  We all seem pretty positive the Games are going to boost the economy of this country and the Park, together with the regeneration of the area, is already looking like a fantastic ‘new light’. The Stadium, together with the many iconic buildings being developed, is looking magnificent already and it was simply incredible to be so close to it.

The New Media team is doing an incredible job in keeping the world up-to-date with what’s going on within the Park. The blog is regularly updated with the latest news, they are doing a pretty good job with their Twitter account, and there are webcams monitoring the progress within the construction sites which are simply AWESOME. Also, on our way to the park tour, I won one of the 2012-logo pins; on the package I was reading that 2,012 pin designs will be made. I am seriously hoping that they are going to get a nice social media activity for thisonline-users involved with this…any idea London 2012 team?

I was live-Tweeting from the Tour with some very interesting facts and figures. The interesting thing was receiving questions by one of my followers (the lovely Niamh) which were answered once the Tour was over by the London 2012 TWITeam. (here and here)

I actually created an hashtag (#opbt) therefore if you search for it you will be able to see all the tweets from the day, including photos ! Or simply click here…

A massive THANK YOU goes to the 2012 Team who invited me over, I am very much looking forward to see how the Olympics are going to be promoted in the future within the social media space and how much both the offline and the online communities are going to be involved in shaping the future of the Games



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BestBuy CSR Wisdom = Social Media

Picture 4

I am so glad I was made aware of this video today!

What BestBuy has achieved is what majority of brands are struggling to understand and probably not brave enough to embrace. It’s what I call openness:

  • give a chance to everyone in your company to speak up,
  • make everyone within your company a stakeholder,
  • everyone should be involved,
  • let your employees feel they have a high level of impact into your business development

I have posted a link to the video below this paragraph for all of you to go and watch. It’s 30 minutes long, but if you have a bit of time it’s an incredible insight into how brands should adapt their business models to open up to their employees, with the ultimate objective to retain them for as long as possible, make the business a better place for  your customers to come back to, and last but not least, for your own company to constantly develop thanks to the people who make it such a good place…. It’s not rocket science, BUT STILL, I have no idea why only merely few companies have got it right so far!

Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson in conversation with Peter Hirshberg at Google Zeitgeist from peter hirshberg on Vimeo.

I am not anywhere close to being a business consultant, however I humbly reckon it’s part of an overall ‘Corporate Social Responsability’ vision which has a strong potential to let your business stand out from the others.

The only reason why I am giving the spotlight to BestBuy is because what they are doing is exactly what brands should also be doing with their customers!

BestBuy has launched an internal social network for their over 3000 employees across the US by the name of BlueShirtNation, an internal WIKI, a TradeTrending tool and a Product Development Forum. Within these spaces, employees are constantly coming up with new ideas, talking directly to the managers, getting funded by the company to take interesting concepts one step further, connect with each other from different stores etc… allowing a fully personal experience where they can feel meaningful to the company

That is exactly what customers want!

  • They want to feel listened
  • They want to get involved
  • They want to be meaningful to the eyes of your brand

I would be extremely surprised if BestBuy doesnt open such tools to their customers. People could add even more ideas to what BestBuy employees have, it could actually generate even more conversations between employees and consumers to drive better service and more product development.

Also, at the moment they are talking about a mobile device which would allow customers to review their products right there at the moment of consideration/purchase. A custom software would allow reading a product barcode and let you retrieve all the reviews from the BestBuy online community website straight onto your mobile screen.

The ultimate point is : how would your customer feel through such an awesome shopping experience?

I could only say – satisfied? clear about his choice? glad about listening to what other people like him have to say about the product? More willing to buy?

As a brand, if you start engaging with your existing and potential users online, through building and maintaining open and meaningful conversations you might get the same results! Am I right?

Answers on a postcard please!?



The slideshare below explains in more details their strategy


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Sunny Side Up – 15th May

Last week’s slide now below

As usual, if you have any questions, give me a shout

Enjoy it!



Audi at Maranello

Not much to say about this other than…GENIUS!!! ;O)

The ad speaks for itself – simply awesome I reckon

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