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PEPSI – Dear Mr. President

Really liking the new initiative by PEPSI

The site is called ‘Dear Mr. President’ and people are invited to upload personal videos for the 44th Elected US President Obama. The website is backed up by loads of celebrities, amongst who Eva Longoria and Lady Gaga

It’s a very simple idea which I am pretty sure did not have much thinking behind, although thumbs up to PEPSI to take advantage of the right moment to create such initiative, as a matter of fact the brand is definitely going to get loads of attention because of this

The YouTube channel ‘Refresh Everything’ is actually very well designed too. You can see all the videos uploaded by the users and a Google map to check which are the most active communities.

Also, Tumblr was the chosen platform to allow the shy ones to simply send in recommendations about the future of the United States, pretty well thought I’d say

We should wait and see what Coca-cola is going to do next…


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METROTWIN – Case Study

picture-26 Brand: BA
 Initiative: METROTWIN
 Markets: Global (UK & US centric)
 Dates: Ongoing



British Airways is the national airline and flag carrier of the United Kingdom and one of the largest airlines in Europe. 

BA is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance and London – New York is the daily most frequent flight within the English Airline’s transatlantic offering.  

Because of this, but also to retain the good market share within UK/US flights, BA wanted to create something interesting and useful specifically for this audience, but also appealing to a wider user/base. 


  • To create a unique BA branded space useful to the audience flying between the two cities 
  • To have a place for frequent fliers to connect and share informations 
  • To retain high visibility in what is a high competitive market for London-New York flights


The Idea

  • METROTWIN was launched with a clear strategy which was aimed at giving the community something back, allowing their audience to contribute to the collective knowledge of the two cities.  The idea was to create a central-hub for people to seek advice on what’s hot and what’s not between London and New York.  
  • The website is now managed and moderated by few BA agency-staff members, however the majority of the content comes from the general audience and selected contributors  who also get to gain BA Miles based on the level of participation.
  • The website includes a list of categories where people can add content.  These go from Arts & Entertainment to Bars, Pubs and Clubs
  • Here, people are invited to leave comments, rate venues and events and add these to their ‘Favourites’ within their personal profile pages.
  • The website also has a blog to keep people up-to-date with key partnerships in both cities, local events definitely not to miss and digital news on ‘cool stuff’ (including obviously free advertising for BA to their special offers)


The Outcomes

  • METROTWIN is now one of the few key destination sites for people to find out what’s happening in the two cities of the world (the BA names behind it has definitely helped)
  • During December 08, the website was visited from 46.000 unique visitors – which is pretty impressive if we compare it to a similar website like TIPPED (which had 60.000 UV.) or MySpace (which received 90.000 U.V.) … and this is solely UK results!
  • Each user has spent on average 10min. and 52sec. on the site which is astonishing for any website (Facebook users spend on average 17min. per visit)
  • BA is receiving a lot of free publicity from the site, of course Free advertising space, and it has become an excellent benchmark for any International Airline’s social media attempt
  • Also, based on the results above we could definitely assume that retention rates within the competitive flight-booking market are pretty strong for BA, especially on the key London-NY flight.


The Learnings

  • Produce something your consumers will benefit from 
  • Open a two-way conversation and get people involved in creating the content within your branded space, they will feel more considered 
  • Crowdsourcing and knowledge-sharing is the future of communication. If your brand offers a place where like-minded users can communicate and share information relevant to them, you are in for a gold…
  • Give something back: you don’t gain loyalty only with incentives. Think outside the box – You don’t have to offer money-off vouchers to retain your consumers, but you can play on other elements – i.e. consideration levels and emotional values
  • Just because you are marketing a specific audience, it doesn’t mean your property has to be opened only to them. METROTWIN is not only visited by ‘those NY-Lon frequent flyers’ but also by the ones who do not necessarily travel or only travel between the two cities


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