Give Animals a Voice

16 Dec

picture-3Really liking the new site developed by RSPCA Give Animals a Voice

It’s a very different approach from any other RSPCA piece of marketing I’ve ever seen and it’s an interesting one as pet obesity is actually something that many people don’t really think about! The aim of the website is to change this – trying to make pet owners aware of the fact that stuffing up your pet is not that ideal!

The Simon’s Sister Dog animation by genius Simon Tofield is very well produced and bring the concept to life perfectly

I am not sure if RSPCA has produced any online display or offline advertising for this – if they haven’t, I reckon they should.

It’s a very important issue which definitely needs tackling as it’s not anywhere far from the bigger issue of animal cruelty. In fact, within the website you’ll still find a section about the latter problem (well it’s still RSPCA) – there is a shocking video, I’ve warned you!

Because it’s Xmas, the website appears to be totally relevant (it also has a section to remind people pets are scared by fireworks), although I really hope this is not going to be forgotten once we are done and dusted with the holidays

Everyone seems to be actually aware of animal cruelty but overall I still reckon people are not doing much about it at all – probably me being the first one… ;O(

I reckon it’s time we act on this & pet obesity is only part of the bigger picture – but still, let’s start from somewhere! Eh?


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