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MSN relaunches

livecom21I am quite courious to know what people think about this.
Check this article on Techcrunch where there is an in-depth explanation about the relaunched MSN site  (check the video on there too). The site has been relaunched few weeks ago as a solid new social networking platform

It takes advantage of all your MSN Messenger contacts and all the content already published on your MSN Live Space
I reckon it’s very well built and it resembles pretty much what all the other main social networks are doing out there – including all the main tools like tagging photos of your friends, groups and all that….

You can also include apps tabs from WordPress, Twitter, Photobucket etc… which makes it even more personal and good for sharing external content

In Italy, and guys over in Milan correct me if I am wrong, MSN Live is one of the main blogging platform as Italians use MSN a lot and blog on their personal LIVE spaces straight through the Messenger.
The majority of my Italian friends have only recently started to join Facbook as this is becoming more popular in this territory as well – do you think could come back and have the bigger pie ?

In general, let me know if you think this is going to go anywhere
I reckon they have a pretty good chance…

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MySpace Mobile Streaming Videos

It’s not a surprise that MySpace is trying its best to fight against Facebook and, as of lately, it’s been doing it quite well. We’ve recently seen many MySpace developments as the company continues to expand their open platform solutions, video solutions, their advertising platform, and many other services.

The main reason for this is obviously to prevent users to shift to Facebook and as much as this is a pretty inevitable situation, they are trying very hard to retain consumers with the constant use of innovation.

myspace-mobile-videoMySpace Videos will be now available on every streaming-video-enabled mobile device, including BlackBerry Bold, Nokia N97, Motorola Q9, Palm Centro, and many more. Although there’s been no mentions about the iPhone, we can definitely expect a new relaunched version of their iPhone application to include a browsing video facility fairly soon… at least I hope so!

MySpace is the first social network to launch a video streaming service on mobile (apart obviously from YouTube on iPhones) but I’m pretty sure we’ll see other players follow suit very soon.

Business Wire says: “In order to meet ever-increasing video demand, MySpace utilizes RipCods On-Demand Video Transcoding technology to optimize mobile video delivery and give users an improved mobile video experience. Real time transcoding enables MySpace to easily support several different handsets even though they require different combinations of codecs, bit rates, and resolutions”… Pretty sweet i guess!

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