Vodafone – Meet LiveGuy

14 Nov


I am absolutely intrigued by this campaign, which i think is genius!

From Monday 17th November, Vodafone is sending this happy chap around few UK-cities with 4 Dell Mini-Notebooks with built-in (vodafone) broadband to give away everyday to four lucky people!
The Live Guy is going to send clues through Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Picasa on his current locations…

The objective is for people to follow him, guess where he is and go snap a notebook from his bag – simple as that – great PR Story!  He’ll be in London on Friday November 28th, so switch your brain GPS and start following him...

I personally think this is a great offline-online reality-game which is, once again, going to set a benchmark for many brands to try and be more experiential in the marketing space
Real shame I am not going to be in London that day, but will be wondering the streets of 5th Avenue instead eh eh ;o)

I hope you can give it a go, and let me know if any of you lot gets lucky!

Over and Out, Enzo picture-35


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3 responses to “Vodafone – Meet LiveGuy

  1. Jonny W

    November 16, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Hi Enzo,

    Glad you caught wind of the LiveGuy campaign. I’m one of the guys that came up with the idea. I’d be intrigued to learn how word spread across the Atlantic – all well and good!

    Now the good news is that each day, 3 of the netbooks can be won in person and the 4th can be won online – follow the clues online and click on his GoogleMap where you’ll think he’ll be at 6pm that day. If you’re the closest you’ve won (not sure if you have to be resident in the UK).

    Hope you feel a bit better now. Stay on the trail!

  2. vinceonthego

    November 16, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    hey Jonny

    Thanks for your message
    I am actually a Londoner – well I’ve lived here for the past six years… I am definitely more excited now that the fourth notebook can be won online.
    I will go on the site and see if I can try my luck even while being in the States.

    Well done on the idea, I think it’s a great campaign – will be great to see how it goes until the end …

    Until then, take care



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