Traces of Hope

10 Oct

I have been looking forward to get involved in what seems to be a very exciting and interactive online alternate reality game produced by the British Cross to raise awareness about victims of war.

“Traces of Hope aims to engage players in treasure-hunt style game-play as they use detective skills to compete. The game is set in northern Uganda, where a 20-year rebellion has forced two million people to flee their homes. Having just arrived in a camp for displaced people called “Hopetown”, Joseph, 16, has 24 hours to track down a Red Cross messenger who might have news from his mother.”

The teasing video was seeded around the internet before the game was released

The website is where you had  to register (and still can) to take part of the game. After I did so, over a week I’ve started receiving different e-mails guiding me through different websites where I have been finding videos from Joseph asking for help and giving me different clues – it’s actually been very engaging and I am very much looking forward to see where this goes ….

The game’s designers say they have placed clues and solutions around the internet in order to blur the boundaries between the game and the real world.

Players are directed through to real websites as they try to help Joseph.

(The game was scripted by one of the creators of KateModern)

I will keep you posted as I am loving it…. eheh :O)


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