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Happy Halloween!!!

Hey Chaps

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween…

Don’t eat too much…mmm… Pumpkin ?!?!

I guess you can always opt for Mandarins ;O) – Check the picture below

Some artistic flare from our beautiful PMs here at Profero



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The Hawyard – 15 secs of Fame

To promote the launch of the Andy Warhol season at the Hawyard Gallery in London, the Hawyard community has developed a website for users to gain 15 seconds of fame…

The idea seems pretty old to me, however they have good social media elements in there:

  • They created a twitter page for the gallery fans
  • They have a Facebook group page for each gallery within the Southbank Centre
  • YouTube branded page, which includes exclusive content videos from the galleries
  • and now the UGC competition… Together with a downloadable widget for your blog/SM profile

Once you upload your 15 secs video on the YouTube page ( you are in for a chance to win Andy Warhol goodies…

Favourites are showcased here

After talking at a Sunny Side Up session about the 7th Syndacate Bloggers’ activity for the V&A Cold War expo, I am kinda intrigued by how galleries are using more and more social media techniques to create buzz around their exhibitions – good on them …


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Amnesty – Crazy Leaders

I am absolutely loving this

Amnesty International campaign to vote for ‘a change’

Strapline: “We can change what they do” – Brilliant stuff!

Get signing…


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Not sure what to make of this yet

Nicely produced but both message and tone of voice seem to me undoubtedly WRONG!

What do you think?


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MasterCard – Pep Talk

I have always loved Master Card advertising.

Their humourous and cheeky messages have always left me smiling and most of them become quite memorable…

Some of the good ones…

As of last week, Master Card launched a new campaign which is totally different from their previous productions. Silence seems to be the main element here and I have to say I absolutely love the ad

Unexpected I’d say and a totally different approach but they get big thumps-up from me

It kinda feels like making people laugh or touching them emotionally is a great way to create impact in the world of advertising. I reckon this works perfectly nice… well, at least with me!


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